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Finding The Best Baby Food Blenders

Making food for your little bundle of joy? You’re not alone. More parents than ever are now choosing homemade recipes for their babies in lieu of pre-packaged commercial mixes, and there are plenty of reasons why. Commercial baby food can contain salt, sugar, and other potentially unhealthy

What Are The Best Blenders For Hummus?

Simple, healthy, and delicious. Those are three words that perfectly describe hummus, a Middle Eastern bean dip that uses chickpeas as a base and blends them with an array of oils and spices. While not absolutely necessary, Hummus is most easily prepared with a good countertop or

The Best Battery-Operated Blenders

Whether you’re on a camping trip, a business trip, or a simple barbecue, a battery-operated blender is a must if you don’t want to sacrifice your cocktails or morning smoothies. Typically compact, lightweight, and impact resistant, battery-operated units are designed to be used outdoors and on the

The Best Blenders Under $50

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” In general, it’s true that if you pay more, you get a higher quality product. But brand recognition and other factors mean that this isn’t always the case. While it’s a safe bet that a blender under

The Best Blenders for Crushing Ice

Want a piña colada? Looking to add a bit of a chill to your next smoothie or protein shake? Want to keep your drinks nice and cool during the summer months, or make a shaved ice drink? Not every home blender is up to the task. Crushing

What is the Best Blender for Protein Shakes?

Looking to bulk up? Combined with the right exercise regimen, protein shakes are the perfect way to do just that. But to make a truly great protein shake, you need the right blender. The good news is that you don’t really need to spend a great deal

A Review Of The Oster Versa Blender Line

Brand Overview The Oster Versa product line exists as an alternative to premium blenders like Vitamix or Ninja. For the most part, it succeeds at living up to those expectations. Oster Versa blenders do cost less than trendier brands with similar specs. A fair 6-year warranty means